You're not dreaming (Was: Um, was there a...)

From: Robert Feldman <>
Date: Fri Oct 31 16:51:10 2003

Sellam wrote:

>On Thu, 30 Oct 2003, David Vohs wrote:
>>One even flew on the space shuttle! I suppose this was before they changed
>>to GRiDs. Can anyone confirm?
>As far as I know, the GRiD Compass went up on the first Shuttle flight. Or
>at least, I'm certain it went up before an Attache did, since the Attache
>wasn't produced until well after the GRiD was around. One site puts the
>Attache at 1984, which sounds appropriate. -- Sellam Ismail

My copy of the FAUG Newsletter 5#2 of Summer 1985 said that astronaut Ronald
Parise was scheduled to take his Otrona Attache on a shuttle flight on March
6, 1986.

However, checking Parise's NASA bio, he did not get into space until 1990,
so I doubt that the Otrona went with him then.

I hadn't read the piece closely before, and thought the it was a report of a
past flight, not a future one. So, it remains unconfirmed, and unlikely,
that an Otrona Attache went up on a shuttle filght.


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