WTD: 74S188 PROMs or MFM data separator

From: Philip Pemberton <philpem_at_dsl.pipex.com>
Date: Mon Sep 1 05:41:00 2003

  I'm trying to build a data separator for a floppy disc controller board.
The board uses a NEC 765 (aka uPD765) controller. I've found a schematic for
a ZX Spectrum +2A FDC at http://simandl.jinak.cz/stranky/zxs/zxs_a.htm - this
seems OK, except it uses a 74S188 fuse PROM as part of the data separator
state machine. Does anyone have any spare 74S188s in their junkbox that they
could be persuaded to part with?
  I'm also interested in the format the data separator supports - I can't
tell from the state data if the state machine runs in FM or MFM mode. If it's
FM, does anyone have a schematic for an MFM data separator that uses fairly
standard (i.e. 74LS, 40xx, etc) ICs?
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