BBC Micro 6809 2nd proc

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Mon Sep 1 18:40:00 2003

> I mentioned some time ago that I'd once built a second processor for
> the BBC micro using a 6809.


> I also found an HP Plotfile which *may* be the layout of this
> chip that I'd love to see again - if anyone has a utility to

I assume that's HPGL of some flavour

> convert HP plotter codes into something more readable that they
> could run this through in a few minutes (don't put a lot of
> effort into it, I can write my own utility if I need to) I'ld
> love to see what it looks like again...:

Do a search for hp2xx. I found this about 6 years ago somewhere on the
net, it would translate HPGL into a number of formats, including .eps . I
assume it's still around somewhere, probably updated by now.

It would only handle a small-ish subset of HPGL, but it managed to
translate the output of EASY-PC (a cheap PCB layout program) into .eps so
I could include it in my LaTeX documents.

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