7 track tape drives

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Date: Mon Sep 1 19:59:00 2003

Well, I went through the hardware I have at home and here is the list.
Most of the stuff hasn't been turned on for over 10 years, probably more
like 15. It has been in my workshop/basement, so it is pretty dry. The
list of manuals will come later. The list of tape drives at work will come
after that, but those (I think) are all 9 track, as are most of these.
Anyway, here is the list of drives/controllers/formatters.

Kennedy 9220 (192-9220-066) two cables, and a Kennedy 5427 mounted on
the back. Formatter maybe.

Cipher F880 1600/3200 BPI, 100/50/25 IPS

IDT (Innovative Data Technology) TD11051, 800/1600 BPI, 45 IPS, 3 connectors,
read, write, motion, 36 pin edge connectors, and a cable from (THIS) drive?
bringing all 3 connectors into a single 50 pin edge higher densidy connector.

Kennedy 9000 (192-9000-019) 9 track 800/1600 BPI, 37.5 IPS

Cipher 910640 800/1600 BPI, 75 IPS

2 Emulex TC01/TU01 board pairs, QBUS
1 Emulex TC02


Pertec F6181-1/0085 Formatter, 2 boards, NRZI Read/Write, PE Read

Datum 10341 Q/HP (Kennedy 120-0025-01) controller

Datum Formatter 5091-120

Pertec f84942(0)/13.9, 901006-01 with R/W 7/9 NRZI

Prime formatter 3101-0001 (Kennedy 9219-509), 3 boards inside

As I said, I have been holding on to this stuff so I could someday set
up a system to read the 15 or 20 tapes I have. All RT-11 or VMS, with a
couple off an RSX-11 system. If there is something here that could help
out with somebodys project, I would be glad to lend it out, or even give
it away, just as long as it either makes it back so I can eventually read
my tapes, or if somebody wants to read the tapes they can have all/any
of the tape drive hardware.

The list of manuals for the formatters/drives will be along shortly.


Joe Heck
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