7 track tape drives

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Well, here is the list of manuals for tape drives and formatters. I have
a couple of controller manuals at work (emulex/dilog qbus )

And yes, Al, you can borrow any of the manuals to make an archive. I'll
let you know exactly what I have for tapes to read in the next week or so.


Cipher Technical Manual 799816-004, rev c. M890 Cachetape Unit Volume
1, operation and Maintenance, jan 1984.

Cipher technical manual 799816-003 revision g Model F880 Magnetic tape
transport volume 1 operation maintenance, August 1983

Digi-Data Microprocessor-controlled Formatter operation Manual, 0552580-0000

Digi-data D.M.A magnetic tape interface for PDP-11 operation and maintenance
manual, 0552521-0000, 1980 (UCI, Unibus compatible interface.)

Digi-data Syncronous transport operation and maintenance manual, model
1140, 1640, 1740 and 1840, 0552457-0000 3/81, 40 series magnetic tape

Same as previous, but from 8/80.

Pertec Phase encoded formatter, model f6x9, manual 101399, specifically
model f649-40, copyright 1971.

Kennedy model 9100 Digital tape transport operation and maintenance manual,
July 1987, 93-09100-999, for model 9100, part 192-9100-081, std interface,
75 ips, 800/1600 cpi 9 trk.

Pertec, Models t6x40 and t6x60 syncronous write, syncronous read tape
transports, operating and service manual 100884, for model t6840-9,
copyright 1978.

Pertec, looks like the same as above, different transport serial number.

Datum, peripheral equipment division, model 5091 nrzi formatter, instruction
manual 1800.6, series 5091 magnetic tape formatter systems,around 1976

Datum, peripheral equpment division, model 5091 1600PE formatter,
instruction manual, publication 1803.8, series 5091 magnetic tape
formatter systems, also about 1976

Wangco MOD 11 NRZI moagnetic tape transport operation and maintenance
manual 201086 E, october 1974.

Wangco MOD 10 magnetic tape transport operation and maintenance manual
200237, June 1972

same as the MOD 10, but December 1973, labeled on the outside MOD 10A,
but cover sheet says MOD 10.

Wangco MOD 10 PE or MOD 10 PE/NRZI magnetic tape transport operation
and maintenance manual, 200951, May 1974, but inside it says Perkin-Elmer
MOD 10 magnetic tape transport, PE and PE/NRZI, 200951-001

Wangco MOD 10PE or MOD 10 PE/NRZI operation and maintenance manual,
200951K, February 1976

That's all for now.


Joe Heck
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