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It is probably a bad idea to spam (even if it is ~on-topic) your fans,
especially if you can't even use a spellchecker, or think about simple
grammar, such as ending sentences with a full-stop.

> Hi Everyone, My company builds the Decservers adn we are the original
> networking division otherwise known as DNPG.
> I noticed there are a lot of Dec users out there and I am sure they would
> like to know what we have designed lately.
> We have a brand new Decserver 708 with 8 ports of DB-9 and full modem
> control encase in metal and ready to deliver.
> We have the new 90M+ which has replaced the Decserver 90M, 90L and 90L+.
> We have the 716 and 732.
> We have a brand new switch family known as the Compass Family. 24 ports
> 10/100 with 2 uplink slots for fiber or copper in Gigabit or 100 base.
> These also do upto 128 VLANs at the closet level. The other switch in the
> family is 4 ports fixed copper gigabit and has 4 uplink slots to be
> configured as you wish.
> Now this is the first time we will mention our brand new Console Servers,
> Cservers which are linux based and are due out in September.
> We have also partnered up with Console Works and TDI offering out of band
> management for all of the devices that you want to watch and deem important
> in real time.
> This solution lets you oversee and proactively manage in real time from
> anywhere at anytime. Reboot a workstation in Paris from a blue screen from
> your bed with a laptop. That is power and management
> Thank you,
> Dave Whipple
> Account Manager
> direct dial: 603-216-6044
> fax:603-216-0778
> toll free: 877-341-9594 X6044
> Digital Networks
> 20 North Wentworth Ave
> Londonderry, NH 03053

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