Cool addition: DEC RoamAbout !

From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Tue Sep 2 20:05:50 2003

On Tue, 2 Sep 2003, Doc Shipley wrote:

> I have to roll up that way tomorrow. I'll see if they still have any
> of it.
Ooooh, that would be good! :)

> I must be getting old - it never occured to me that anything wireless
> was old enough to be interesting....
Well, first of all, networking is my "field" .. so, yes, I am
interested in how it was done earlier (yes, I worked with the
old 3Mbps Ethernet... :)

The RoamAbout stuff, like most other DEC Networking stuff I have
(both old, like the DELNI's and DS200's, and newer, like this
thing, and the DEChub 900 stuff I am looking for, is just so I
can extend VAXlab (my DEC network) into "original hardware"
for the network gear as well as the machines:

VXT2000+ X terminal (okokok, with 17" Iiyama color mon.. ;-)
VAX servers (with OpenBSD/vax, incl. XDM display service)
DS200 term/console servers
DELNI ethernet hubs (yes, I need more AUI cables... anyone?)
InfoServer boot support for VXT and CDROMs
several VAX, PDP11, DECstation and Alpha boxes
recently added: several notebooks
and now: wireless LAN ;-)

The network core is still cisco (catalyst switch, simple hub
and a 2501 router) but I have a bunch of DECnis routers
awaiting a new life...

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