The problems of organizing a computer collection

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Tue Sep 2 22:15:01 2003

At 12:37 PM 8/31/03 -0400, Ian Primus wrote:
>I have been striveing to organize both my physical and digital space as of
>late, and hsve been trying to reorganize the basement. I have come up with

Boltless commercial shelving.
Rapid Rack, Econo, Riviteer, and many more make shelving that holds 400 to
600 lbs per shelf, assembles quickly, and is ROCK stable, plus each shelf
(its hard to explain, but easy to see) holds more stuff since nothing is in
the way, support structure is all at the outside on the corners. Home depot
sells a moderately cheesier shelf called Gorilla Rack, but its not nearly
as good. Sams Club carries some decent Wire Shelving by Seville (the patent
for Metro must have run out) and at $69 for a 48x18x72 6 shelf rack on
wheels, its a steal, and you get REAL used to how handy a STRONG rack on
wheels is.

Flip top plastic storage containers, ie the ones at Home Depot for $5 each.
Fillem up, stack/put on shelves. Don't stack heavy ones more than 2 high,
or hinges warp.

Markers and masking tape so you can find stuff later on.
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