barcode scanners, anyone?

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Wed Sep 3 03:21:00 2003

At 12:58 AM 9/1/03 -0400, Mail List wrote:
>That is truly wild. The cue cat thing, all the time spent defeating it, etc.
>I wish I had the spare time some people have. Maybe someday.

Thing is a barcode reader is a really cool handy thing to have, IF you can
use it for what you want to do. If the companies had not been such putzii
in restricting use to JUST what they wanted me to do with it, most likely I
would have kept it handy and used it for both mine and their objectives. As
it is now I don't use them for anything.

My favorite is the CS1504 key fob sized unit with memory for a few hundred
barcodes that WuliWeb sent to me, but seems like the CueCat has lots more
software for it (I also have a few of those). I plan to get something going
like Thokbook and isbn/barcode book collection database thingy, but its
still on the list of stuff to do.
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