PDP-11/73 or 11/83's in the US for sale?

From: Curt Vendel <curt_at_atarimuseum.com>
Date: Wed Sep 3 09:22:00 2003

Hi Joe,

  I'm in New York near Connecticut. Sounds great dude, I have an RL02 and right now an RLV12 Qbus controller, but I have a place in FL I've been buying Dec parts from and he has RLV11's so that wouldn't be a problem....

I want to also start looking around for an RX02 setup, I actually have a controller board already that was in my Vax4000-200 when I bought it.


> curt, where are you physically? I have 3 working systems, which I can
> part with one easily, but they are not what you would call "commercial",
> although I could put one together in a BA223 box, but shipping would
> be more than the box. Also, I always ran RT-11, so I don't know what
> the disk drive requirements are. It's nothing to put a processor, 256
> megs of memory and a dlv11j into a box. Do you have the RL02 subsystem
> with the controller?
> regards,
> Joe Heck
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