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From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Wed Sep 3 13:13:00 2003

> > It is probably a bad idea to spam (even if it is ~on-topic)
> > your fans,
> It's no more on-topic than it would be if HP were spamming
> about the new ES47 (unless dnpg are still selling* the
> HUB90 stuff and friends).
> Antonio
> [*] And the original definition of on-topic was something like
> "not sold commercially for at least 10 years"; under that
> definition this would clearly fail.

While not disputing that the original message was off-topic, I thought
that actually 'stuff _related_ to classic computing' could be advertised

In other words if somebody finds a source of still-in-production
paper/media/chips/etc for our wonderful toys then it was OK to mention it

No I don't want this list to turn into a load of adverts, but equally, if
somebody has a source for some obscure consumable then that might benefit
the rest of us..

For example, I would consider it OK to mention that :

Standard thermal fax paper rolls (available in the UK from Rymans amongst
other places) work fine in the HP9866 printer (used on the 9830
'calculator' and other machines)

[That happens to be a true statement, BTW. And I am not sure the 9830 is
a 'calculator' by any reasonable definition, as it's a desktop machine
with a few K of RAM running BASIC...]

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