From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Wed Sep 3 14:40:01 2003

FreeBSD runs mySQL very well, as long as you bear in mind the following...
this all applies to FreeBSD v4.8 and prior. I wouldn't recommend the 5X train

1) You MUST compile with the LINUX_THREADS option
2) You MUST use mySQL v4.X or higher

#1 is because threading is somewhat broken on FreeBSD, always has been on
releases prior to 5.X. However, this "brokeness" only appears under extremely
heavy thread load so in typical (even production) use isn't noticed. By heavy
load I'm talking about the mysql server eating up 99+% of the cpu. If you
never hit that high of a load you won't have a problem. This thread issue is
exacerbated specifically by mySQL and they way it is designed - many other
(but not all) threaded applications don't have a problem.

#2 is because FreeBSD has "BROKEN_REAL_PATH". If you use mysql v4.x and
higher, this is taken care of for you (as well as another minor couple of
things too specific to FreeBSD - this all assumes you are using the FreeBSD

Rumor has it that threading is completely redone in FreeBSD v5x, so none of
this may be a problem if you use 5X. However, last I checked, even on the
current (v5.1) freebsd release, they are still recommending to stay away from
threads till it's field proven.

As a comparison to Linux, well, Linux has a severe problem with its virtual
memory architecture, something FreeBSD excells in. I will take
FreeBSD/mysql(as patched above)/great VM system, to Linux/mysql(no patching
neede)/horrid VM system any day of the week.

Jay West

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  I have a DEC Alphastation 500a and need to decide on an OS to put on it
  since I want to use it as a MySQL server.
  I've got a choice of WinNT, RH 7.3, Debain, FreeBSD and NetBSD. I've
  successfully loaded WindowsNT but I can't seem to find any alpha
  software for it so I'm leaning towards *nix systems instead. I've not
  been able to load the RH 7.3 supplied by support.compaq.com but I have
  been able to load Debain and had it working at one time but I wiped it
  out for some reason and have to reinstall it again. Anyhow, does anyone
  else have any suggestions on this subject? I'm leaning towards the BSD
  options at the moment.

  ---Wesley Widner
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