Dec or Digital Networking

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Wed Sep 3 16:36:01 2003

> > While not disputing that the original message was off-topic,
> > I thought that actually 'stuff _related_ to classic computing' could
> be
> > advertised here.
> I'd certainly agree with that, and I'd go for the more lenient
> "at least 10 years old" guideline rather than "not made for
> at least 10 years" anyway.

Agreed. I've always been the sort of person who goes by the obvious
intent of the rules/regs, not the letter. Especaily when doing the former
is of benefit to just about everyone.

The intent of the rules on this list seem pretty clear to me. This is not
the place to talk about relatively modern stuff. There are better places
to do so, where you'll find people who are interested in such machines
and who can provide a more useful/accurate answer (to be honest, whatever
you may think of my knowledge of classic computers, I can assure you I
know _nothing_ about modern PCs or Macs).

However, if somebody has obtained some interesting toy that is not
mainstream and which is only 9 years old, I would not expect them to get
flamed for discussing it here.

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