barcode scanners, anyone?

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Wed Sep 3 22:31:01 2003

At 04:48 AM 9/3/03 -0400, Mail List wrote:
>They did plug in
>inline with the keyboard. If I found one that just worked, with no device
>driver requirement,
>just as though you had typed the characters on the keyboard, that would be
>great. If it
>were pen sized and shaped, so super small and compact, that would be even
>Does such a scanner exist? I'm getting kind of tired of devices that only
>work with some
>operating systems and not with others, or get left orphaned when a new
>major release of
>an operating system comes out.

I keep vintage machines around for just that reason, but my guess is just
what you describe is out there, in fact I think most older barcodes worked
just like that, faking keyboard input.
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