Dec or Digital Networking

From: Tillman, Edward <>
Date: Thu Sep 4 03:04:00 2003

Has anyone actually tried to scale "on-topic" into something we can wrap our
arms around? Once upon a time, I was told that any platform carrying a
version of Windows was off topic. What of my DEC SL486DX with DOS 5.0,
WIndows 3.1 and Office 4.0? The DEC manufacturer's tag clearly shows a
manufacture date of 1991 (so did some of the files I cleaned out of it...).
A DEC recovery service tag also clearly shows a complete overhaul in 1993.
Is it on-topic by year of manufacture, but off-topic because of its onboard
applications? What applies? What doesn't?

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Hello Don,

> Or, why not simply items that apply/relate to equipment at least 10 years

That too. In fact, upon further reflection, I thought that there might still
be items that were released 10+ years ago, that might now be considered
classic, but might still be being manufactured new, and still sold, even by
the original equipment manufacturer. No specific example comes to mind,
but there must be some. So, I thought a refinement to be, "items which were
originally released 10 or more years ago, regardless of whether or not still
being made and sold", and as you have suggested, "items that apply/relate to
equipment at least 10 years old" might be the best definition to apply as
to whether or not an item is, or is not, on topic.

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