OffT: netBSD on OnT: Mac

From: John Allain <>
Date: Thu Sep 4 11:14:00 2003

My question is a little OT, I'm trying to get a 1993
Mac LC575 (68040) to run 2000 netBSD 1.5.

Already I've pored over, line by line, the 'install' doc included
for arcana since I'm getting neither a simple fail or success
and there are few warnings in it, no big red flags.

Here's the relevant symptoms: booting to kernel_install
gives me a fs that df says is 2MB in size, and I haven't found
instructions to mount the other fs (following).
There were problems with all the other kernels, like generic.
Using the Mac side installer has allowed base and other
installs (over 20MB), and they're persistent, but the included
boot kernels don't seem to access it. All I get is the MiniShell.
Changes to the 2MB fs in the kernel boot are temporary, as if all
i'm seeing is an in-memory kernfs.

If you've seen this yourself, let me know, else have a happy one.

Since my question is OT maybe you should reply directly,
not that I expect a lot of bandwidth anyway <g>.

John A.
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