From: David Woyciesjes <dwoyciesjes_at_comcast.net>
Date: Thu Sep 4 16:20:01 2003

        Actually, I do believe Sellam was talking about sending a message to
the list mom for LowEndMac, not you Jay.

James Rice wrote:
> Jay, I'm sure no one thinks you are a "list nazi". You have filled your
> role as list owner and moderator with common sense, tolerance and good
> humor. As far as I'm concerned, it's your list, you make the rules. As
> you said, if someone doesn't like, they can go start another list. I'm
> just happy to be here.
> James
> Jay West wrote:
> >With regards to the YADA10YR... I didn't know it was a discussion. The policy
> >is "not manufactured for 10 years". ..... If that makes
> >me a list-nazi so be it.

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