Bell 103 modem standards

From: Tore S Bekkedal <>
Date: Thu Sep 4 16:30:01 2003


I just picked up a modem for a classmate (I finance the restoration with
tech support - *sigh*), and on the label on the outside, with the
supported protocols, and along with the V.24 V.90 yadda yadda there was
at the end, Bell 103, Bell 212A...! (I may have the numbers slightly
off, but I'm sure about the 103 part).

...Is this a common protocol? In a brochure that came with the DECUS
newsletter, about Telecommunications, it mentioned these protocols, and
described them as Low-Speed (defined as less than 2000 baud, I believe).
This was also mentioned as built-in options for the TTY 33's, and I seem
to recall them being mentioned several other places.

Is this me being wrong, has the protocol been constantly upgraded
speedwise, is the protocol "Just something that stuck around", and
therefore direly needing support from every new modem? Or is this just a
case of truly, *truly* excellent backwards compat? I mean, the brochure
was all in all dated 1967.


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