Historical relevance of common clone PC was Re: YADA10YR

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Fri Sep 5 17:41:13 2003

> I still havnt made up my mind which is better, expensive computer equipment
> you can repair that lasts forever or extemely cheap equipment that dies in a

I know which I prefer -- the former.... It's a lot less hassle for one
thing (I have lost count of the times that the new 'replacement' has
subtle incompatibilties with the old unit, for example)..... It's also
cheaper in the end...

> few years that gets tossed. If everything made from the start of computing
> was cheaply made none of us would have this hobby now, then again I dont
> miss paying $700 for a 300dpi laser printer or $2000 for the first 2x CDR
> burner.

I have said many times that now I can't pay _enough_ for things. I _want_
to pay $5000 for a home VCR, for example (and I want to get a VCR that
has a die-cast metal deck, proper bearings, proper heads, glassfibre
PCBs, and so on). I want to get a laserprinter that's built like an old
CX or SX (and not one of the modern pieces of plastic junk I see for

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