MOS operating System?

From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Fri Sep 5 21:11:00 2003


> Sure. One of my customers was running it before we replaced it with Pick. It
> was rather cute... multi-user DOS. It ran on one PC, the other users used
> dumb terminals. I SEEM to recall that it might have supported some users
> connected via some odd network cable, but I think it was serial. Each user
> basically got their own "C:\" prompt. You could only run character-based
> applications though.
MOS (also called PC/MOS, and the later PC/MOS-386) were multi-user,
single-tasking versions of a DOS, more or less compatible with the
MS- and PC-DOS systems. MOS ran on the larger 286 and 386 systems,
and DID use their hardware segmentation (286) and protection (386)

As Jay already said, MOS presented each session with its own DOS
shell (command prompt). I cant remember for sure, but I believe
there was no system-level security, meaning, no login support or
concept of "users".

MOS was very, very popular (in Holland) in the BBS world, where
several nodes could be run off a single (fast) PC using PC-MOS,
a package like RBBS-PC (or Lynx), and FIDO and/or MAILER software,
preferrably used with multispeed buffered serial drivers.

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