info? AMI 6800/6809 system that ran Flex

From: Joe <>
Date: Sat Sep 6 13:04:00 2003

   BTW I meant to add that the seller's father bought the boards directly
from AMI as part of a bulk purchase through a "computer club" that he used
to be a member of. He lived in Palo Alta and worked at SRI (Stanford
Research Institute) at the time. I wonder if he was a member of the
original Home Brew Computer club and bought the boards through them? He was
in the right area at the right time. I'm trying to get more details. BTW
does anybody know if there's a list posted anywhere of the early members of
the Home Brew Computer club?


>At 10:34 AM 9/6/03 -0400, Roger wrote:
>>Rumor has it that Joe may have mentioned these words:
>>>Anybody know anyting about an OLD (76ish) AMI system with a 6800 or 6809
>>>CPU that ran Flex? I've been offered one and I'd like to know more about
>>>it. The chassis and such are home made but the cards are factory made. I
>>>have some pictures that I can provide if anyone wants to see them.
>>> Joe
>>If it ran FLEX, it's *probably* 6809-based -- I dunno if there was ever a
>>FLEX for 6800; but there was even a version of FLEX for the Tandy CoCo.
> I don't know if it ran Flex when it had a 6800 CPU but it started out
with a 6800 and was later upgraded to a 6809. I have a couple of 8" disks
from it and they have Flex on them.
>>Other than the requisite: "If you don't want it... don't forget me"
>>statement, I'd say 'Snag it' ->
> That's already in the works! :-)
>it's prolly at least as rare as an Apple 1;
>>mind you, prolly not worth as much (yet) but IMHO, more interesting (as the
>>6809 *is* my favorite processor... ;-)
>>Oh, and I wouldn't mind seeing the pix...
> OK I'll send them to you directly. If there's enough interest I'll
post them on the web.
> Joe
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