8/L has been sold. Have ADM-3A for sale.

From: Charles <charlesmorris_at_direcway.com>
Date: Sat Sep 6 21:11:00 2003

The 8/L, ASR33, DF32 disk emulator project has been sold. Thanks
for all your interest (and offers). Anyone who wants the DF32
emulator schematic and artwork, I can email you a copy. I hope
someone can take my "first draft" and make a useful unit for those
who are interested.

I have a working ADM-3A that I may want to sell also. It has a
homebrewed lower-case 2716 ROM (thanks Steve Loboyko for the font
files). I installed the "optional" parts for current loop on the
main PCB, and used it with the 8/L. The only thing that's missing
is the little aluminum panel covering the dip switches.

Any interest? Same deal as before, please email offers, "sealed

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