Annual cleanup / mostly DECstuff

From: no <>
Date: Sun Sep 7 02:17:00 2003

Have a bunch of items needing new homes,
most are freebies. Contact me off-list


-nick o

-- free, local pickup only, NO shipping!

        -MicroVAX III+ in a BA23 pedestal cab (11/73 badge):
            w/m7625(ka655),m7622(ms650),m7555,UC07,rx33, no HD
        -AlphaStation 200 4/233, 196mb, DECunix
        -Mac 7300/180, 4.5Gb hd, keyboard+mouse
        -HP Network Analyzer J2219 FDDI (486 color laptop)
        -misc DEC drives: tzk12 tk50 (2)rz24 (2)rz26 (2)rz28

-- other freebies, U-pay shipping:

        (2) KDA50 m7164, m7165, w/manual
        (1) m9401
        (1) m9405 w/cables
        (2) m9047
        rf31/rf72 user guide
        RF series user guide(covers 31,35,36,72,73,74)
        VMS instal'n guide for vax6200
        VMS instal'n guide for MVII, VSII
        several MicroVMS pocket refs/user guides
        RT11 v5 master index
        (3) la36 user guides

-- For Sale: (local only, no shipping)

$25 Vaxstation 4000/vlc +manual +VT320/lk401(dim)
$25 Vaxstation 4000/60 +manual/puck/SZ16c-da/vt420/lk401
$40 IBM rs6000/7043 (43p/140), 200mhz, 128mb, 2.1gb, keyboard+mouse
$40 Digital multia vx51b-f2, 128mb, 300mhz intel/overdrive
$50 Digital Alpha 366XL, 256mb kbd+mouse
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