SVGA with DE9

From: Bob Lafleur <>
Date: Mon Sep 8 09:36:00 2003

I have a Sony CPD-1304 VGA/SVGA monitor that has a 9-pin connector as
well. I have a 9-15 pin adapter cable to use it on a PC, and they also
supposedly made (but I never got one) a cable to use it with a Mac II
class computer.

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I have two rather old monitors marked as "Sabre" on the front. They have

a DE9 female socket on the back, but also carry a label claiming the
monitors to be SVGA. I've never seen SVGA use DE9 connectors, I've
seen them with the high densitry 15 pin connectors (as commmonly seen on

current PC monitors).

Anyone know the pinout for an adaptor? Anyone have a particular desire
for these monitors?

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