Apple I programs

From: Mail List <>
Date: Mon Sep 8 18:43:00 2003

Hello Sellam,

> However, Ismail warned the replica would not appeal to everyone.
> There's a very limited library of software for the machine.
> Most Apple I software was written by hobbyists and never published
> commercially. And what programs there are will have to be typed in
> by hand -- in Basic or assembly code.

So perhaps you could put out a call to Apple I hobbyists that had written
programs, and ask that they make them public domain, and host a
library of them available for download on your web site?

And/or if you'd like to generate a bit of revenue, perhaps you could get
to sell CD's of the library, something like Walnut Creek did with shareware,
for those that don't want to spend the time downloading, and would rather
just purchase a CD full of them?

Best Regards
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