SVGA with DE9

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Date: Mon Sep 8 18:48:00 2003

> So now I have at least one cable and can use that to make a 2nd if need be.

You could instead make an adapter to go from the 9-pin to the 15-pin, then
just continue using standard 15-pin to 15-pin cables, and just plug on the
when needed.

At 10:34 AM 9/8/03 -0400, you wrote:
> >I have a older Vox-On monitor that is configured like that. I also seem
> >to remember some older NEC models that needed a HD15 to DE9 cable. I
> >still have the cable, so I can look at it when I get home. As far as the
> >Sabre label, American Airlines used to private label a lot of AST
> >computers and monitors as Sabre for distribution to travel agencies for
> >connection to the Sabre reservation network. There were a lot of P100
> >Sabre systems floating around DFW for a while.
>No sooner did I post the email than I found one DE9 to HD15 cable. It had
>fallen behind the cabinet that one of the monitors was sitting on top of.
>So now I have at least one cable and can use that to make a 2nd if need
>I think you might be right on the Sabre label. It does look like the
>American Airlines Sabre system logo (although it has been a long time
>since I have seen that logo so I might be wrong). I'm not sure how I
>wound up with two monitors from their systems however.
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