Thinning out my collection - some machines available in the UK

From: Kevan Heydon <>
Date: Tue Sep 9 14:42:37 2003

Hi all,

Anybody in the UK interested in the following:

A Whitechapel MG-1 Cpu, keyboard/mouse and 17" mono monitor. Since
acquiring the machine it has always been on my todo list so has never been
powered on. There are some manuals that go with it, but nothing really
technical just user guides I think.

An Apollo DN3000 Cpu, keyboard, 19" mono monitor. I have a couple of
ethernet cards plus a color graphics card, none of these are plugged in.
Worked last time it was used but that was probably before the clock
rollover in '97! Agaim some manuals, I think mostly programming ones.

I have quite a lot of Sun kit ranging from 2/120 stuff through to IPX's
covering things like two 4/110's, a 3/60, a 3/50, a 386i, SS1+ etc. If
there is any interest in these then let me know and I can give more

Collection from the Cambridge area would be ideal, but I am quite flexible
because I want to clear out this stuff pretty quickly.

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