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From: jim stephens <>
Date: Tue Sep 9 14:43:19 2003

This is a scrape of the information from the
Apple 1 replica site with a lot of info.

It is provided as a copy, and is not authorized, so
if you want to get the real info, you will have to
get to the site for the real deal. I am only copying
it here for those who didn't get it to come up due to
web traffic issues. I am not associated with the
seller at all.

Welcome to the Replica 1 website. After over a year on
this project the final touches are being applied and
beta testing is being done. Please note that the
Replica 1
will not come with a keyboard, power supply or
Most standard ps/2 pc keyboards should work as well as
most standard AT style pc power supplies. You can use
your NTSC compatible monitor like I use, or hook it up
your TVís video input jack. Feel free to email me with
any questions or comments you may have. I will be
producing these on a limited production basis. The
set of boards will be available for sale October 11,
Special thanks goes out to Greg Glawitsch for creating
the video ATMEGA8 code which made everything
Coming soon, cassette interface!
Thanks Achim, and Larry!
Vince Briel

Q: Why donít you try and make it look like the Apple 1
and use the same parts as the Apple 1.
A. Well, the primary reason Iím doing this is
because people who own Apple 1ís are afraid to power
them up to run their software. By
   me having a functional clone, they will be able to
eventually back up their programs and archive them. In
addition, some of the original
   ICís are very rare and almost impossible to find.
Q: Why donít you design it to use modern type
monitors like VGA?
 A: By using standard composite monitors or TVís with
composite in it retains the essence of old 8bit
 Q: Is the video available in both NTSC and PAL?
 A: Sorry, at this time only NTSC is available.
 Q: Will all the Apple 1 software work on the Replica?
 A: In theory, yes. Everything address wise has been
left the same. Unfortunately, I donít have any real
software to try out yet. I have
run the sample code that Woz wrote in the ownerís
manual and they work just as described.
 Q: Isnít the Woz Monitor the property of Apple?
 A: More than likely yes. But Woz was contacted about
this and gave his ok. He stated that he handed it out
along with his schematics
long before there was an Apple computer company. Apple
also turned all hardware and software matters over to
the Apple 1 club and
this project started and is still under the club.
 Q: I donít have an ASCII or Apple II keyboard, what
do I do?
 A: One of my last additions to the Replica was to add
a microcontroller to interpret a standard PS/2
keyboard. So, you can use either a
PS/2 keyboard or an Apple II/II+ keyboard. I did this
because it is becoming harder to find ASCII keyboards
to use.


I am now taking pre-orders. If you want to
reserve a Replica I please email me.

Replica I preorder request/

The official selling start date is October 11, 2003.
price will be $199 plus shipping.
Assembled version $199 plus shipping:
Whatís included:
Replica 1 board fully assembled and tested.
Instruction and setup manual
Links to Apple 1 sites of interest.
30 Day warranty will be given on all boards.
Unassembled (kit) version $150 plus shipping:
Whatís included:
Replica 1 board unassembled.
Instruction and setup manual for assembled version.
Links to Apple 1 sites of interest.
No warranty given on kits.
Bare kit version $99 plus shipping:
Whatís included:
Replica I pcb board video IC and keyboard encoder IC.
Instruction and setup manual for assembled version.
Links to Apple 1 sites of interest.
No warranty given on kits.
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