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Date: Tue Sep 9 22:04:00 2003

On Tue, 9 Sep 2003, TeoZ wrote:

> Since I am curious whats the rarest/most expensive computer? I assume its a
> one of a kind that has some major historical value.

Only 200 were ever made, and most were destroyed when Apple had a 2-for-1
trade in offer when they came out with the Apple ][. Rumor has it that
only one of the trade-ins was kept. So I estimate that less than 50 still
exist. I've physically been in the presence of about 10 myself, and have
a private registry consisting of about 28 that are accounted for so far
(and another one just came to my attention yesterday, so that makes 29).

It's a computer that represents a significant development in the timeline
of the history of computing on several different fronts, not the least of
which being that it represents the beginnings of Apple Computer.

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