Needed: IBM 5364 PC Console Attachment Programs

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Date: Tue Sep 9 22:37:00 2003

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Question... this one probably goes to Sellam, but the field's open...

I have an IBM PC/36, the baby System/36. Silly thing's sitting on my desk
daring me to power it up, but without a critical bit of code I can't. To
operate a 5364 you need a PC attached and running the "Attachment
Programs". They act like a control panel for the server -- controlling the
whole IPL and diagnostic process. As you may have guessed, I haven't got
them. Would anyone on the list have such a set of disks around somewhere?

-Colin Eby
yea, I have one. you talking about the AT size mainframe with the single
floppy drive? I got one about 2 years ago along with the dual floppy 5150 that
runs it I guess and a terminal connected via twinax. I managed to IPL the system,
but that's it, not knowing how to operate it any further. Mine just uses a
single floppy. Is that what's needed?
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