SVGA with DE9

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Wed Sep 10 03:20:00 2003

At 10:38 AM 9/8/03 -0400, chris wrote:
> >I have a Sony CPD-1304 VGA/SVGA monitor that has a 9-pin connector as
> >well. I have a 9-15 pin adapter cable to use it on a PC, and they also
> >supposedly made (but I never got one) a cable to use it with a Mac II
> >class computer.
>I might have a cable or two like that for the Mac. I have some that are
>15 pin like the Mac RGB connector, and go to a 9 pin like a CGA
>connector. I don't know what they go to, they were just in a box of
>cables that I aquired.

First look carefully for a brand or part number, otherwise may be pretty
hard to figure out what they work with.

You might be able to plug them into a second video card on a old mac and
use a Griffin utility to list all the monitor sense results (as available

Cornerstone, and a bunch of the smaller monitor brands for mac used that
type of cable in the old days.
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