Gawd damn bugs!

From: Bryan Pope <>
Date: Wed Sep 10 06:45:00 2003

And thusly Vintage Computer Festival spake:
> I just found out that two of my magazine boxes were attacked by some damn
> little wormy things. They were white and about a quarter inch in length.
> They'd come up through a crack in the foundation of my warehouse and
> started eating away at the file boxes. Fortunately, they seemed to like
> the cardboard way more than the magazines, though they did take out
> significant chunks of a couple issues of Kilobaud Computing from 1979
> (bastards!) They also left a lot of wormy poop behind, and unless I'm
> smelling the acid from the paper breaking down, they left a stink too.
> Damn punk-ass bitch wormy things.
> Has anyone else had issues like this? How did these fuckers find my boxes
> out of all the damn cracks they could have crawled out of? What are they?
> Termites?
> Now I have to waste time filling in the cracks so this doesn't happen
> again. I can't have gawd damn wormy things eating my damn computer stuff!

It is ironic you posted this message on the anniversary of the first
computer bug...



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