Needed: IBM 5364 PC Console Attachment Programs

From: Colin Eby <>
Date: Wed Sep 10 07:31:00 2003

Martin --

Thanks so much! This looks like just the right stuff to get me going. I'll
give a try as soon as I get a chance today.

Now, as to S/36 information for the beginner... truth is the publicly
accessible material's a little thin on the ground. It pre-dates IBMs
electronic documentation distribution. Being old hard copy, a lot of it's
been pulped at this point. I've managed to assemble a pretty fair bookshelf
of hardcopy, and I've scanned two of the manuals to at least a readable
level. They're big though. The Operator's manual for ht 5362/60 I scanned
is 100 MB. You're very welcome to it of course. That's why I scanned it in
the first place. But I'll need an ftp site or some such to send it to. I do
have the operator's manual for the 5364 and some other goodies, but I got
them so recently nothing's scanned yet. As a quick entre you might want to
read the AS/400 reference for the S/36 environment (IBM Bookshelf:
 That's the compatibility mode they continue to support. The link takes you
to the earliest version I could find. It should give you a good intro to
the command structures and concepts. Or you could look at the documentation
for Advance System/36. I don't know if they sell that at more, but that was
basically an AS/400 running S/36 with some enhancements (IBM Bookshelf: . I don't
know how close AS/36 and S/36 are. If those links aren't helpful, let me
know a the location of your favorite bit-bucket, and I'll pass on what I've
scanned so far.

Thanks again,


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