Gawd damn bugs!

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Wed Sep 10 09:35:00 2003

On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, David Holland wrote:

> Termites have legs. (At least every one I've seen did.)
> Do these have legs? I've heard termites will eat paper/cardboard, so
> I wouldn't be terribly surprised if they were termites.

I couldn't see clearly enough what I was looking at because there wasn't
good light between the stacks of boxes, and I was too tired to do much
investigating (this was very late last night). I just used my foot to
smear them into the pavement. But my impression was that they were worms
from the way they moved, though I'm not ruling out the possibility that
they were termites.

> You could stick the magazines in little plastic baggies, sorta like
> what the comic book ppl do, and that'd keep bugs (and a number of other
> things) away from the magazines.

I'm very close to putting a lot of the magazines up on bookshelves, but I
just wanted to find out what was going on so I can take appropriate
remedial action so I don't have this problem in the future with other

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