RK05 rails & TU10/TM11/PDP8E

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Wed Sep 10 10:26:00 2003

Al Kossow wrote...
>34's use the same Chassis-Trak slides that were used on RK05's.

Anyone know the exact model or part number of the Chassis-Trak slides for
the RK05 & 11/34? If I have to order them I want to make sure I get the
right ones.

Also, I was hoping to hook up my TU10 to my 8E. The TU10 I got was (is)
hooked up to a TM11 and then to a PDP11. If I want to hook up the TU10 to
the 8E (posibus & data break cards I have been told), do any changes have to
be made to the TU10 because it was hooked up to a TM11? I have no need for
the TM11 if anyone wants it, I have a posibus card but no data break card so
I'm looking for the data break card too.

Thanks for any advice!

Jay West
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