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Date: Wed Sep 10 23:09:00 2003

On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, Eric Smith wrote:

> That's part of why I try to store all my stuff in plastic Contico storage
> containers (available at Costco) rather than boxes. They aren't airtight,
> but they do make it a little harder for insects to find their way to the
> paper.

Speaking of which, I'm finally going to byte the bullet and take long
since administered advice from Frank McConnell to go this route. I
discovered that Orchard Supply Hardware will negotiate bulk sales of these
things if you're a business, so I'm going to purchase a minimum of 50
(perhaps as many as 100) to start storing all my kak.

> I've been told by an archivist that you actually do NOT want to store
> books and such in an airtight container. They need to breathe. I have
> no idea why.

All my books and magazines and manuals and software are finally going up
on my nice bookshelves. Pictures forthcoming once the transformation has
reached a satisfactory stage for public exposure.

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