Gawd damn bugs!

From: ed sharpe <>
Date: Thu Sep 11 01:14:00 2003

silver fish enjoy moist air.....

anything that is incoming here at the museum gets either bagged and fumed
or is set out in the 115 degree heat. either way kills the little bastards,

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> On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, Tothwolf wrote:
> > I've had problems with some little silver looking bugs I was told were
> > 'silverfish'. They eat *anything* that is paper, including but not
> > to; boxes, notebooks, and even the paper labels on pc boards and ICs!
> > love to know of a way to get rid of them, but since my garage is not
> > sealed, I dunno how effective anything would be.
> Yeah, I saw one of those bastards roaming around my office as well, but I
> don't think I successfully smushed it. I've heard that they eat paper too
> but I haven't seen any damage in particular that I can attribute to one
> (or a colony) of them.
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