From: Nico de Jong <>
Date: Thu Sep 11 03:54:00 2003

I have now finished my annual stocktaking, and the following obsolete/surplus items have popped up. It would be appreciated if they could be used in restoration projects, as long as my P&P is covered.

Postage from Denmark depends on weight and/or size, so please ask first.

A very short description is included, but you can mail me directly at for more info

(1) Qualstar 1052 R/W formatter.
1 new, 1 slightly used

(2) SMS SCSI controllers. 5x SMS-512, 8x SMS-7250.
The 512 is an 8-bit ISA controller, talking to the 7250 which can address 4x floppy disc and 7 50-pin SCSI devices.

(3) Digital 8-bit net adapter, FCC-id AO9-DE100

(4) 2x IBM adapters as described in an earlier message.
9-pin output, probably network adapters. Marked 16/4 on a green sticker with white border.

(5) 1x MFM disccontroller, 2x HD

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