Gawd damn bugs!

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Date: Thu Sep 11 07:53:25 2003

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>> On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, Joe wrote:
>> > I have a couple of close friends in the exterminating business. Let me
>> > tell you, there's NOTHING that's truely effective on termites anymore
>> > since the EPA took Clorodane off the market. The replacement chemicals
>> > costs over $80/gallon (wholesale!) and you have to use it full strength
>> > instead of dilluting it. Even then it is marginal and the area has to be
>> > retreated every two years.
>> >
>> > Score another success for the bugs and the EPA!
>> And the lumber industry...gotta keep us buying more wood... Maybe the
>> lumber industry paid for the EPA studies? ;)
>> I think my next home will be made of concrete block.
>> -Toth
>Dont worry when the fire ants make it to your side of the country you wont
>be worried about termites anymore.

   What do mean "when"? They've been here since the 60s at least. I gotta
say they sure named 'em right! Just step on a nest of them if you don't
know what I mean! We're just waiting for the killer bees now. We've had a
few colonies of them but so far they've managed to wipe them out as they
appeared. And don't forget the Mediterrranian Fruit Flies and all the
other "interesting" bugs that are appearing everyday.

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