trouble interfacing an HP86B to an HP7040 plotter with a serial interface

From: B.Degnan <>
Date: Thu Sep 11 14:28:15 2003

I recall that with a new plotter of that era I had to initiate the plotter
by hooking everything up and then typing and running a basic program from
the PC to the plotter through the serial cable. The program initiates the
plotter for use. If this is not a new plotter, it may have been set up
for a different PC/desktop calculator in which case you'd need to
re-initialize it. If that's not the case, maybe the ROM(?) that held the
original configuration is bad. Do you have the manual for the
plotter? The program should be in there. Sorry..I do not remember the
program, it's been almost 20 years! Maybe someone has a HP7040 plotter
manual out there in this group. The basic program should be only 3-5 lines.
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