Apple II SCSI card upgrade?

From: David Williams <>
Date: Fri Sep 12 01:07:00 2003

Oh I've already determined it is the Rev A. Found the FAQ and my chip
has a 341-0112A sticker on it. The box it came in says Rev B but I'll
trust the chip over the box. I read that to use the current Apple software
I need a Rev C so since I really want to use this in my IIgs I'm looking
for a way to upgrade it.

On 12 Sep 2003 at 0:45, TeoZ wrote:
> Whats the rom chip say on it (this assumes its just the standard scsi card
> and not the high speed card with dma)?
> 341-0112A is revision A
> 341-0112B is revision B
> 341-0437-A is revision C
> This should clear up what you have.

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