New "vintage computers" forum

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Fri Sep 12 05:20:00 2003

 --- Lance Lyon <> wrote:
> A new forum page, based on phpBB2 has been set up with (moderated) forums
> devoted to "classic vintage computers"
> Mostly in testing at the moment, appreciate it if people would drop by &
> leave me some feeback (ie improvements etc).

You're going to hate me for this... but... why? There are already usenet groups
for different machines which work perfectly well. There's classiccmp as a
central resource for questions. Doesn't another forum just dilute things even
further? I certainly don't have time to read classiccmp, newsgroups, and
several web forums as I doubt do many others.

If you must run a forum too, I suggest you make sure that posts to your forums
are mirrored on the classicmp list and vice-versa automatically - for the good
of the hobby and all that. Although given the way the web forum is split up
into different sections I'm not sure how you'd do that without user
intervention :-(

My 2 cents worth anyway...

(Yes, I am having a bad day :-)



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