Sudden death in the family :(

From: Gerold Pauler <>
Date: Fri Sep 12 11:04:20 2003

Fred N. van Kempen schrieb:
> Hi all,
> Today is a sad day. For obvious reasons, it already was (no, let us NOT
> start that topic [again] .. tis a sad day, period), but now it's even
> more so.

Sorry about that.

> I just powered up a friend's PDP-11/53, which had been sitting in my
> living room for, er, quite a while, and... nada. Fans dont start up,
> not the usual racket when one powers up a BA23. The light in the power
> switch turns on, though. I can hear a very soft "tick-tick, tick-tick"
> sound in the power supply,

This sound is very familiar for me at least after last week my ethernet
switch, my ADSL modem and my private branch exchange died of overvoltage.
All three had one defect capacitor in the psu and all three capacitors
made different variants of very soft "tick, tick, tick-tick-tick, ..."
So I would look for a defect capacitor in the power supply.

and I do see how the fans get started, but
> very quickly die down. Likewise, I see several LED's very briefly
> turn on, and then die off again.

Hope this helps

Gerold Pauler
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