New "vintage computers" forum

From: Erik Klein <>
Date: Fri Sep 12 11:24:00 2003

> > Doesn't another forum just dilute things even further?
> > I certainly don't have time to read classiccmp, newsgroups, and...
> I don't believe it is physically possible to dilute information
> further than it is diluted here. Joking, but only in part
> If someone wants to suffer through moderating his own forum, then
> more power to him. The ''free market economy'' will decide who wins.

There are a number of advantages to the web based forum over news
groups and mail lists which is the reason I started the Vintage
Computer Forum a while back. Of course, these other technologies are
simpler and require far less bandwidth then the more graphical web
forums for those that prefer to use vintage equipment to talk about
vintage equipment.

I'm convinced that there's room for everyone in the "free market
economy" and that, in the end, everyone is a winner. Maybe I'm naive,
but just I don't think it's a zero sum game.

I'll mirror Jules question of "but... why?" only because the VC Forum
I've been hosting is already mature, has nearly 200 registered users
and appears to have almost exactly the same content as Lance's effort.

In the end, though, Lance is adding to the community just like ccTalk,
the VC Forum and the wide variety of other discussions out there.
Congratulations, Lance, and more power to you! :)

   Erik Klein
   The Vintage Computer Forum
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