PCMCIA SCSI cards advice

From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_panix.com>
Date: Fri Sep 12 15:35:00 2003

  I was wondering if anyone had some experience and/or preferences with
SCSI cards for laptops - specifically I want to hook my M4 Data 9914 9trk
drive up to one of my laptop PCs (IBM or Dell) to archive/transport/backup
tape images to-from the 11/44.

 Speaking of the 11/44 - I'm in the market for one or a couple of Pertec
foramtter cards to fit the Kenedy 9100.. I have a Pertec Unibus card,
just need the interface cards for the machines themselves. Also cables for

  ALSO: still looking for an (H960?) tall DEC rack to buy. Must have
casters, would like to have the anti-tip legs, all other acoutrements
unimportant. (power controller, logos, sides, etc).

  I will be at VCF 6 in October, and can pick up these items in that
general area then.



 PS: yes, yes, I know - Marketplace!! Okay, already....
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