Amiga 4000 asking $7000 on eBay

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sat Sep 13 14:43:00 2003

>Verrrrrrry interesting, but who in h*!! came up with that as a price?
>I've been looking at toasters/fliers off and on, and seen similar setups
>asking a grand, and getting NO bids.
>Caveat emptor. Then again, this is e-pay/e-greed so anything might happen.
>Gary Hildebrand
>St. Joseph, MO

Well... The seller also has ZERO feedback, so part of this might be that he's just some eBay newby looking to get rid of a system that he spent a fortune on about 10 years ago, and really has no clue as to the current value, or lack there of.


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