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Date: Sun Sep 14 11:42:01 2003

I'm cleaning out.

Here are the manuals going into the recycling bin in the next week or two.
If you want them, ask now...

Able Computer Q/DH controller user guide,10177x07, oct 1982
Monolithic Systems Corp, MSC 4604 LSI-11 dual-high memory system,
        100-0093-0000, 1978
Cambex microstor-1123 256 K-words users manual 207-105-460 rev D,
MDB systems product brochure , BA11, RK, RM (SMD) TM11, etc.
Data Translation DT3362 series A/D subsystems, UM-00070-f, 1986
MDB-DZ11 asyncronous mux, for pdp11 and vax, 1981
Clearpoint QRAM 22B user manual
Control Data Corp PBS and PB-1130 band printer operating and maintaining
                about 1982
National Semiconductor product spec and installation NS11/2P 32K max x 18 MAX
        4230007, 1978
National Semiconductor install guide NS23M 256k byte memory 1984
Datacube VG-150 bitmap graphics controller software, UM0020-1, feb 1985
Datacube VG-150 bitmap graphics controller hardware, UM0019-1, Feb 1985
Ciprico Rimfire 44 product spec, 210100444, Sept 1982
Computer Dynamics Win-358 winchester controller board users manual 1985
MDB systems computer interface products for 11/2 and 11/23 computers
        and price list, late 1981
MDB systems MLSI-DZ11 async mux for lsi-11, instruction manual, 80040359,
Ciprico quartermaster multibus quarter inch mag tape adapter product spec
        21010079, july 1984
DEC vt103 system configuration guide, ek-vt103-cg-001, 1981
Ciprico tapemaster multibus 1/2 inch tape adapteor, product spec,21010011
        septermger 1985
        try that again september 1985
Ciprico tapemaster multibus 1/2 inch tape adaptor application note,
        21010001, july 1985
National semiconductor NS44F 512k byte ecc memory installation guide,
Ciprico rimfire 50 multibus SMD disk controller product specification,
        21010050, feb 1985
MDB MLSI-DLV11 async serial line interface instruction manual, 1978
        ( I probably have boards as well)
DATACUBE CM-169 writable control store users manual UM0021-1, feb 1985
ADAC model 1900 LSI-11 to Unibus translator instruction manual
GTSC model 309 async mux model 309 instruction manual, IM1284
        (might have boards)
GTSC models 364-369 ditital I/O boards im 1182
GTSC model 306 RTC and clock Calendar, 979-0021-306, sept 1986
          (might have board)
GTSC model 304 serial I/O board, IM-983 (older manual)
GTSC model 304 schematics, 1982
GTSC model 304 serial I/O board, 12/84, newer manual
Clearpoint DCME-Q user manual rev 1.03, 1988
Heathkit H11-2 parallel interface module schematic
Heathkit WH9-1, WH8-51, WH11-51, WH8-41 adapter cables instructions
Heathkit H11-2 illistration booklet
Heathkit WHA11-5 serial interface module schematic
Heathkit H11-5 illistration booklet
Heath/Zenith model WHA11-5 serial interface module operation/service manual
Heathkit H11-5 serial interface module 1977
Heathkit H11-2 parallel interface module 1977
Heathkit H11-5 schematic

I have a 6 inch stack of AFDAC manuals, way too many thing to list. If
you have any interest in the aADAC stuff, let me know, I'll figure something

I also have a photocopy of (almost) the whole HP-PLOT/21 manual.


Joe Heck
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