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> I made a good sum by knowing the resellers in my area of speciality
> and then contacting them carefully, for example not dumping my whole
> list on them, but just starting with the one thing they liked the most.
> ...and eBay is just too useful to ignore. Offering on eBay with a reserve
> set is a way of asking the world for a price on a thing.
> Here's a nice reseller listing site
> I for one would not find a list for sale posted to classiccmp as
> especially from regular members, at not-frequent intervals. Jim and
> Pat have done it, for example.
> I think priceguides per se. are nuts. I have a HotWheels that's supposed
> to be worth $250 according to one of them. But think about where price
> guides are best used, on the table at the big sale so you can open it up
> and show an otherwise unknowing buyer what all the sellers want him to
> hear. "Hey, it's not me, the price is right here in this book.", the book
> being
> published by the sellers of course.
> John A.

I remember a story about a collector of the old metal lunch boxes that had
1000's of them. he then decided to publich a catalog with some prices in it
and started a new collecting craze that made him a bunch of cash. Most
people will toss anything they dont want unless of couse there is a catalog
for the item out and then they want to get its "real worth".

If you want to see something funny take a few $250 baeball cards into a
store selling them and see if they want to buy any even for $20. Something
made in the millions that every collector has one of cant be worth anywhere
near $250 that some company making catalogs says it is.

I personally know what I want and how much I want to spend on an item and
wait patiently untill I find it in the condition and price I like. I hit eba
y maybe 2 times a day and see what prices are like for the items I still
want. One week it might go for $100, next month I pay $15 for one in better
condition. Some people get caught up in bidding (and I would bet they are
competing with the sellers brother pumping the price up for something he
wont buy) or just buy the first item they see that they want.
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