Price Check on Aisle 5

From: chris <>
Date: Mon Sep 15 13:42:00 2003

>I would say a nice, fully functional original Mac with all the original
>manuals, software and components, is worth around $250-$300. They are
>not all that rare, but are becoming harder to find, especially in working

Because people like me have too many. :-)

At last count, I have 5... 4 working, with one that has an accelertor
installed (and the non working one I know what is wrong. It is missing a
diode that was removed to get a mac Plus working at one point. In theory,
if I replace the diode, it should work again. I may just remove it from
the Plus it was put into, since I have way to many of those as well)

All 5 have mouse and keyboard. But I don't have manuals or software for
all 5 (either 2 or 3 sets, including audio Guided Tour tape). I think I
*might* have one box, can't be sure until I can get into my parents
basement again.

I have someone on the line for one of them. He doesn't want keyboard or
mouse or manuals. I told him I was looking for $50 when I planned on him
taking keyboard and mouse (never offered manuals to him at all). And now
would take less since he only wants the Mac itself.

So it looks like I wasn't too far off on what it was worth.

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