OT: need to drive a vector CRT...

From: Gene Buckle <geneb_at_deltasoft.com>
Date: Mon Sep 15 17:17:00 2003

> As you have probably found out by now, 4 inch CRTs are real oddballs. The
> only "production" (that is "over the counter") CRTs of this size I know of
> are the 4AP1 and 4AP10, and they are almost nonexistant.
I may find one at http://www.russiantubes.com. If not, I can suffer with
a 3" crt.

> > I have to be able to drive this from
> > a PC. I'm building an F-15C flight simulator out of real parts - one of
> > which is the mortal remains of an ALR/56C electronic countermeasures
> > display.
> Frankly, your best bet is to find another AN/ALR-56 display. One should
> turn up eventually. What is the IP- number of the box?
I'd have to look on the tag. I actually did find another display shortly
after I obtained the first one. My hope is to fine a new CRT just to
avoid all the potting compound on the plug end of the CRT. That and
getting hook up data on the original CRT would be next to impossible.

> > The original electronics are basically junk due to excessive
> > shock from ground impact.
> Crash?
Yep. The jet had a flameout on take off and since it was too heavy to
horse into the air safely on one engine, the pilot punched out. The jet
hit the ground at 300Kts+ and the cockpit section broke free of the main
fuselage which burned. This happened in 1996. I managed to get the HUD,
MPCD, TEWS and VSD plus other sundry parts out of the wreck. It was the
ultimate find for my project for sure. Every one of those boxes are made
of 100% pure Unobtainum. (they also happent to be filled with glass
shards. :) )

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